Video Post Production: What You Should Know

Video Post Production: What You Should Know

Video is an analog electronic medium for the reproduction, recording, playback, broadcast, and viewing of moving images. It is usually presented in a format that can be stored on a personal computer or a portable media player such as a flash drive or an external digital recorder. Initially, video was primarily developed for electrical television sets, which quickly replaced cathode ray tube sets which were soon replaced by flat screen monitors of various kinds. Nowadays, computer screens are increasingly replaced by LCD or plasma screens owing to their better and more uniform quality of resolution, brightness, and color.


With developments in communication technology over the past couple of decades, the use of video for advertising and marketing has become commonplace. Television commercials are regularly viewed by millions of people each day. And thanks to recent advances in digital video post production, the impact of video advertisements is growing exponentially.

The art of creating a video advertisement can be done individually using a personal computer or a video-editing program like Final Cut Pro, or can be outsourced to a digital video post production company like Avid Media Sales UK. Digital video editors work with video stock footage, interview material, and other pre-recorded material. They can create a movie from an original audio track or a combination of both. Editing involves adjusting colors, backgrounds, and other elements of the video to give it a professional look.

There are numerous advantages in outsourcing video post production. The process allows the creation of a final product that is of a high quality comparable to that of a professionally produced TV commercial. Digital video editing also allows the provision of extra features like titles and synchronized graphics that may not be available to a single screen. The video can also be shown in high definition (HD) if your target audience has a high definition monitor. Since this type of video is in high demand, you are likely to find an affordable digital video post production company to handle all your needs.

A video post production company will also allow for a quick turnaround time. The process generally takes anywhere from two to four weeks from beginning to end, depending on the complexity of the video project. Since most video projects are self-contained, they can usually be completed in less than a week. This gives you ample time to plan events and properly present your video message.

When you outsource video post production, you save money. You don’t have to pay a staff and cover overhead like you would with a production crew. You also won’t need a location, equipment, or crew. A video post company handles all of these tasks for you. You only pay for what you need. You can spend more money on marketing if you want to, since you can produce a high-quality video for a higher price.