How To Get More Exposure On Video Vimeo

How To Get More Exposure On Video Vimeo

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How To Get More Exposure On Video Vimeo

When you’re looking for a way to get your video seen online, there are two main options: submitting it to a video directory or using a video publishing site such as YouTube. The latter is the more popular method but also the most time consuming. Why? It’s because it requires both time and effort to set up, maintain, and update your site. On the other hand, submitting to a directory is simple and quick so it’s frequently used.

If you’re not familiar with Vimeo, it’s a website that allows anyone to create and host videos. The videos can be anything – a short tutorial, a live action video showing off a product, or an audio recording. If you’ve got a web camera or a video camera of any kind, you can easily use Vimeo to share your videos with the world. But which site is the best choice? Here are some tips to help you choose and make sure your video gets the exposure it deserves on the web.

Know Your Video – Before you spend any money, take a look at what other people have uploaded. Try to find out what type of video you want to upload; is it short, medium, or long? Also, make sure you check and see if other people have published the same video. If there are many people who have shared it, that says something about the video itself and the power of the platform. You might even find a new niche!

Research Sites – First, search Google and Yahoo for video directories that allow you to publish to their servers. These sites tend to have a good page rank so it’s easy to get traffic from viewers, partners, and advertisers. Once you’re on one, take a few minutes to browse around. Check out the submission guidelines. If you have any questions, feel free to email them to the video’s host or ask your contact at Vimeo. You can also visit the video’s hub page to see a list of previous videos.

Start With No Traffic – Don’t worry about getting traffic to your video until you’ve got some body attached to the video. You can do this by signing up with video websites as a member. The more websites you’re associated with, the higher the chances of getting traffic. This will help you build a strong presence for your video’s key phrases and keywords so that viewers will see your video and be exposed to your content.

Post With Confidence – Finally, make sure your video is submitted to the right categories and with the right tags. It would suck to submit a video in the wrong category and have it end up buried deep inside the search engine. Similarly, using the wrong tags can really hurt your videos. Take the time to make sure you’re using the best tools and SEO practices when putting together your video for YouTube.