Video Gaming – What is Bad About It?

Video Gaming – What is Bad About It?

A video game console, computer game, or online game is a video game that entails interaction via input devices or a user interface including keypads, touch screens, or pointers and actuators, to generate virtual visual feedback to the player. Most video games have detailed worlds and stories with characters controlled by a sophisticated system of controls. Video game consoles include proprietary software that runs on personal computers and game consoles like Xbox 360 and Play Station 3. A video game system usually incorporates several hardware components like a video display, hand held controllers for input, processing power, hard disk space, memory card, speakers, and computer networking equipment.

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Computer games have evolved from the basic game mechanics of playing a game requiring pointing, clicking, and shooting to games requiring complex calculations and algorithms. Computer games are usually designed for extended play sessions lasting several hours at a time. A typical PC video game console has various components including a computer, video display, processing unit, memory, video card, headset, game controller, and an Ethernet port. Some of the popular computer games consoles include Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DSi, and Game Cube. Arcade game machines like the coin-operated Jukeboxes of the 1990s may also be used to play video games.

The popularity of video game consoles and personal computer video gaming systems has created a huge market for electronic books and computer software titles to supplement the experience. Electronic books include novels, comics, board games, computer games, and hand-held accessories. Board games include Chess, Scrabble, Monopoly, and Risk. Computer games such as racing, puzzle, and action are also in demand.

Console video games, which include games played on dedicated gaming consoles like Play station, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo DSi, are mostly played in the player’s home environment. Games played in these environments are usually non-interactive and focus on task-oriented play. First-person shooter video games are the most popular type of first-person shooter (FOPS) games.

Some of the problems associated with video gaming are related to the fact that it encourages unrealistic expectations of how people should act and think in certain situations. Most first-person shooters require that players assume an active role in shooting enemies and solving puzzles. This unrealistic behavior is often portrayed as the norm for games played by many of today’s youth. Some researchers theorize that this style of behavior is not really healthy for youth, because it leads to violence. Others argue that it leads to a reduction of social interaction and interpersonal relationships that many young people associate with playing video games.

Video gaming is an industry that is expected to grow substantially in the future. Although some analysts believe that it will experience a decline in recent years, it continues to experience strong growth. The best way to ensure that you enjoy your video games and remain healthy is to play them in the proper environment, with people who share your interests and who do not act in excessive or unhealthy ways.