What Video Games Have to Offer Your Gaming Needs

What Video Games Have to Offer Your Gaming Needs

Video is the analog electronic media for the playback, recording, transposing, recording, and displaying of moving visual media on a screen. Early video was primarily developed for industrial electronic television systems, which quickly became replaced by cathode ray tubes (CRT) systems that were later replaced completely by flat screen monitors of many different types. Since the adoption of VGA technology in 1980, changes have been made in the field of video and computer science that continues to this day.


One of the primary changes is the move from analog to digital format, resulting in the development of the majority of modern-day computer files. The major change with the arrival of VGA or better known as WMM (Widescreen Management Language) was the switch from pixel-based video signals to binary code signals. The binary code signals eliminate the need for an expensive, space-consuming phosphor-based monitor mode, resulting in significant cost and power savings. Without the need for a phosphor-based monitor mode, the graphics card is free to operate in a non-pixel based mode, such as the gamma-optimized mode of operation commonly referred to as “VGA output”.

The transition to VGA resulted in two major advancements in the field of computer file imaging and video display. The first was the development of the xerography technique, which used an x-ray printer to produce a superior, high-resolution image from a computer file. The second major change came from the development of the so-called “high-bandwidth standard” video formats. The first of these, HTS (High-bandwidth Video), is commonly referred to as Blu-ray, and is the format most often utilized in today’s home entertainment systems.

High-bandwidth video content is capable of HDTV quality resolution and is increasingly popular with both consumer and commercial markets. Blu-ray technology, based on an advanced digital signal processing technique, has enabled large high definition video streaming. This has made it possible for virtually every media asset, including films, television programs, live events, corporate videos, and point-of-sale web sites to be presented in full cinematic effect using little more than a quality home computer and a modern broadband Internet connection. The development of the Blu-ray video platform has further fueled the growth of the video market, with tens of millions of consumers now viewing video content through this innovative media delivery method. As well as creating a competitive edge for video producers and retailers, the widespread use of the Blu-ray Disc format has created an enormous demand for devices that support this format, meaning that a vast user base is available for the application of new software and hardware designs.

Gaming enthusiasts are amongst the biggest users of Blu-ray, with countless titles now available for download on this format from online distributors. The growing popularity of video gaming has further spurred its development as a new home video game format, with the introduction of ultra-modern gaming notebooks. While ultra-modern gaming notebooks are ideal for video game enthusiasts who wish to create their own virtual worlds or to share with friends, these devices do not feature many of the advanced capabilities that a modern laptop does. However, with upgraded graphics, superior sound, and the capacity to function as a portable computer – the laptop can still function as a quality video game console, due to its ability to act as a miniature computer.

Home video game consoles have also benefited from the growing popularity of Blu-ray technology, with many titles now available on modern home consoles which offer superb picture and sound quality. Up until recently the biggest game consoles available on the market were largely limited to offering only PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, and Xbox 360 games. However, with the release of newer generation consoles such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, gamers are now able to experience the full power and capabilities of these technologically superior platforms. While video games may no longer be solely dominated by the world of professional gamers, they are still enjoyed by many mainstream customers. With the increase of video game sales, as well as the increased presence of online multiplayer video games, many gamers may now consider video gaming to be not only a hobby, but a lifestyle.